The history of PSICC goes back to 1987 when Process Systems Inc., a Memphis, Tennessee based engineering and construction management firm, formed a direct-hire construction company to better serve it's engineering clients. Through the years, these clients generated work for the construction company as the popularity of the design-build project delivery approach gained favor in various industries. The company operated under the same management structure until it was acquired by Lurgi AG of Frankfurt, Germany in 1998. The construction company began to receive opportunities to install some of the Lurgi technologies, such as flue-gas cleaning in the cement and petroleum industries. This, combined with the bio-fuels technology from Lurgi, allowed the construction company to become involved in the growing bio-fuels field.

Lurgi's worldwide business strategy has been to be a process provider of technology and process related equipment and it was decided in 2002 to study the process of divesting itself of the direct-hire construction/fabrication business. On October 3, 2005 Bill Bellamy, Lurgi's Vice President of Operations, through a Management Buy Out (MBO), purchased the direct-hire construction/fabrication business unit from Lurgi. The business unit includes the business office, fabrication facility; certain management personnel such as project managers, superintendents and administration were also part of the MBO, which formed Process Systems Incorporated Construction Company (PSICC) as it is today. As you can see, we are a newly formed company, which is over 20 years old as far as the continuity and experience of the management team and it's employees. PSICC continues to maintain safety, quality, respect of people and provider of competitive proposals as our core business philosophy.